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Was a fun game. Made it to day 100 but I didn't win. Opponent started spamming tanks -_-. Almost had him though. Would have loved a bar showing when the cannon was ready. + auto aim homing rockets :P

This is a neat idea.  My main complaint is that the cannon is too hard to aim. The time between shots is so long that I can't get a good sense of the angles and sometimes even when I do hit where some enemy soldiers are it doesn't do any damage.  It would also be nice to have more instructions or tooltips or something about how the order of building things works but I was able to figure that out eventually.

hmm, sadly this game would not load, i've had no problems with the other unity games :/
win 10,  64bit Chrome

Fun game, though very slow paced.

Would have been more interesting if the enemies could use tanks/airstrikes. I feel like the machine gunner might be a bit too strong, since one machine gunner can pretty much take on an infinite supply of normal soldiers (and that's all they generally throw at you).

Would have been nice to have some simple effects for when the machine gunner, sniper, and tank are shooting so you can gauge how effective they are.

Really fun, the mechanics are goods , I really enjoy